CAP Publications

Civil Air Patrol has hundreds of publications, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. You can find shortcuts to every important publication on this page. (By clicking any links on this page you consent to leave the .gov domain)

Civil Air Patrol has almost 100 total regulations, but only some are relevant to cadet members. The regulations you will use most frequently are CAPM 39-1 (CAP Uniform Manual), CAPP 60-20 (CAP Drill & Ceremonies Manual), CAPR 52-16 (Cadet Programs Management), and CAPP 60-31 (Cadet Staff Guide).

In addition to its many regulations, CAP also provides pamphlets for members, ranging in topic from Award Recommendations to Effective Communication.

CAP Forms are required for attendance at every activity. The most common forms you will have to fill out are the CAPF31 and CAPF32.

CAP has a comprehensive study program required for advancement in the Cadet Program. The Learn to Lead books are written by CAPNHQ staff, and are required reading for every promotion.

In addition to the Learn to Lead series, CAP requires readings from the CAP Aerospace Modules and Aerospace: The Journey of Flight in order to promote.